Biogas Plants

We are enagaged in offering Biogas Plants. Here the Biomass is digested in a simple plant and Bio Gas produced is stored and used. The area required for plant is very small.

Waste Food Based Biogas Plants

This photo depicts a Mini Biogas Holder of 40 Cubic metre Capacity, in an Industry, where the gas is generated by the anaerobic process, with the waste food from their canteen and with Cowdung. The gas thus generated is being used in their own canteen for cooking, which replaces the LPG Cylinders to a large extent. The user gets huge volume of Organic Manure also everyday, i,e the digested slurry, of this biogas plant.

Industrial Canteen Mini Biogas Plant

This is a mini biogas plant, used by a factory, where they feed orgainic waste, including little cowdung,food waste and the biogas, which got generated is used for cooking in their mess.

Biogas Flame from Hosuehold Plant

This picture shows the flames in a Kitchen Stove,  , where the gas has been taken from the  Arjun UV - 7 Domestic Digester.

Mill Canteen Biogas Flames

Biogas Flames being used in a Dosa Pane.